Buying a Car on eBay: What You Need to Know

Wed May 15


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eBay cars became eBay’s single biggest revenue source, with billions of dollars changing hands every year! More and more people are buying cars on eBay every single day, looking for that perfect vehicle for the perfect price. As you already know, our job is to help our customers with online car auctions on Copart and IAAI, so this time we are going to discuss a few things you should know before you buy a car on eBay auctions.



1) Do your homework.

As most of the plans start, acquiring needed knowledge before doing something is always a great idea! When you see a car that you like, search for its market value. You want to know how much the car is worth to not overspend during the auction.

Contact the seller to provide proof of inspection and copy of the title. Also, check the vehicle’s history through websites like CarFax, Autocheck, or


2) Check the seller’s feedback.

This is one of the most important things to do before you buy anything from eBay.  If a seller has a lot of negative or neutral feedback, don’t buy from them. That means the seller is not doing something right. You may buy something that’s broken, or is not as described and not get any kind of customer support from them whatsoever. As long as their positive feedback is over 90%, you should be okay.



3) Factor in the cost of pick-up or delivery.

If your current residence is in California and you are purchasing a car from North Carolina, you will need either to pick-up a car yourself or have it delivered. Well, you will need money for that, so when deciding how much you are willing to pay for the car, factor these costs in too.



4) Don’t forget to use eBay’s vehicle protection plan.

This plan will protect you from a variety of problems, whether it’s unmentioned damages, or fraudulent sales, or misinformation or not receiving the car at all after making the payment. In case any of the mentioned (and more) happens you will get your money back!



5) Check the seller’s cancellation policy.

Some sellers give you an option to return the vehicle after you bought and checked it/had it inspected.

But it’s always better to not get into this situation. So, if you read the description and check the photos and something seems not right, don’t try to acquire that car. Also, if the car auction mentions that the car is being sold “as is”, or says that the the sale is final once your bid is accepted, it’s always smart to walk away and not take that risk.



6) Look for eBay’s certified pre-owned vehicles.

These vehicles have been inspected at local auto dealerships and most of the time have warranties. So it’s always smart to get one of those vehicles!



7) Automate the process.

eBay auctions may get you a deal, but it comes with a struggle of having to spend a lot of time being online and bidding.

The statistics show that Sniping (a strategy of making a bid during the last seconds of the auction so that others don’t have time to outbid you) increases your chances of winning an auction by over 50%, but you have to be online during the last seconds of the auction and you might not always have a times for that.

That’s why you might want to use auction snipers as iSnipe automates the sniping strategy. You simply link the auction to it, type in the max price you are willing to pay for the item and you are good to go.



Source: The Car Connection