Beginner’s Guide to Coin Collecting

Tue May 7


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Did you know that coin collecting is also referred to as “Hobby of Kings”? It’s because, in ancient Greece and Mesopotamia, only kings and queens used to collect coins. But nowadays, coin collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world.


If you are just starting to collect coins, we’d advise you to start with the coins from circulation.  Try collecting state quarters from all over the U.S., regular circulation coins from various countries in the world, etc. Or even try finding some unique coins in your grandpa’s drawer. You can actually find some of the coins in your house/pocket that are worth than you might think they are. Check out our article “6 Coins You Might Have in Your Pocket That’s Worth More Than You Think!” to see some of the examples.

Coins are a long-term investment! Some of the coins that are not significant now can be worth a lot in 30-40 years and it’s always wise to collect them too, as long as you are not overspending for them! Don’t forget to buy a coin album to keep all of your coins organized.


The most successful coin collectors always take time to learn about numismatics as much as they can. The knowledge of what you want to collect and how much the coin is worth is the best thing you can know in this hobby. We suggest you buy books about coin collecting or just watch youtube tutorials to know as much as you can!


Remember to have patience. As you are starting now, you might want to climb to the top really quick, but sometimes this makes you careless. Remember, quality is always worth more than quantity and waiting and looking for the right coin is the kind of strategy you want to have.


Coin collecting now is much easier because of online shopping websites like eBay and Delcampe. You can buy anything on eBay, but is mostly focused on coins and stamps so if you want to grow your collection that’s the website you want to be on most of the time. But remember you want to spend time collecting, not be online, bidding on online coin auctions. For that, use auction snipers,  view the video: How to Win Delcampe Auctions” and know how to use auction sniper for Delcampe (the same tutorial applies to eBay as well) and don’t waste your time on bidding, rather than looking for the coins you want to buy!

Stay tuned in for more tips and tutorial videos about coin collecting!