Read These 9 Tips Before You Buy Anything on eBay!

Thu Apr 4


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A lot of people buy stuff on eBay. Why? Because you can get everything you might ever need and also get a pretty good deal on it. Our business is about making your eBay experience easier and more comfortable, so we prepared 9 tips for you to take in consideration before you buy anything on eBay!



1) Compare Prices

When you’re looking for an item, make sure you do your research and look around for different prices. Different sellers may sell the same product for different prices. Don’t forget to look at the shipping price.  Make sure you get a good deal – you don’t want to overspend for no reason. It would suck to buy an item for $12 and pay $10 for shipping when you could find the same item for $15 with free or as low as $2 shipping.



2) Add Items You’re Interested In, In Your Watchlist

This feature is one of the best eBay offers to its customers. It gives you the ability to add all the items that you’re interested in, in one place. This way you can easily keep track of them/their price changes and allows you to purchase them when you’re ready.  All the items will be in the list until they are sold or expired.



3) Check the Pictures of the Item

The thing you always need to make sure is to check the pictures carefully. Most items should include multiple photos. If this is not the case for the item you want, feel free to ask the seller to provide more photos. They shouldn’t have any problems doing so. Keep in mind: very very rarely, some sellers use pictures from other items, which is false advertising and totally not cool. So if anything feels not right, either ask for more detailed info/photos or not buy the item at all!



4) Read the ENTIRE Description of the Item

Before you go ahead and bid on or purchase an item on eBay, make sure you check out the whole item description. Sometimes the photos can be deceiving, while the item has the problem inside – maybe the phone looks pretty good but its battery is destroyed. Or you might think the item is new, but it actually is used. The item description will have all the information you might need to know. If the description is not clear and gives you some questions, either ask the seller for detailed info or simply – stay away from it!



5) Check the Seller’s Feedback

This is one of the most important things to do before you buy anything from eBay.  If a seller has a lot of negative or neutral feedback, don’t buy from them. That means the seller is not doing something right. You may buy something that’s broken, or is not as described and not get any kind of customer support from them whatsoever. As long as their positive feedback is over 90%, you should be okay.



6) Check Shipping Terms & Refund/Return Policies

Always check the terms and policies that the seller has. They may offer the same day shipping or you may get the item in as long as 2 months. So keep in mind to check what they are promising shipping-wise. Don’t forget to check the refund & return policies. Some sellers accept returns and refunds, some don’t. Being able to return an item and get a refund, gives you the security of getting your money back if you receive an item that’s not the way as it was described on eBay.



7) Ask a Question

If you have any kind of question about an item, do not hesitate to ask the seller a question. Good sellers are welcoming to question about the items they want to sell. Most of them will answer your questions in no time at all – they want your business!



8) Auctions or Buy it Now?

Depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a really quick “buy and get out” thing then “Buy it Now” is for you. If you are looking for a deal or trying to find more unique items, “Auctions” is your page. We did an article about how you can buy the same quality iPhone 8 for about $50 less on “auctions” than on “buy it now”.



9) Use an eBay Auction Sniper for eBay Auctions

eBay auctions may get you a deal, but it comes with a struggle of having to spend a lot of time being online and bidding. The statistics show that Sniping (a strategy of making a bid during the last seconds of the auction so that others don’t have time to outbid you) increases your chances of winning an auction by over 50%, but you have to be online during the last seconds of the auction and you might not always have a times for that.  That’s why you might want to use auction snipers as iSnipe automates the sniping strategy. You simply link the auction to it, type in the max price you are willing to pay for the item and you are good to go.


These are the 9 tips you need to take in consideration before buying anything on eBay. Keep in mind that if you choose to buy anything on eBay auctions and use iSnipe Auction Sniper, you get 5 free snipes to test our services.