Save Up to $50 on Your Next iPhone 8 Purchase!

Tue Feb 26


5 min read

If you are like most people, good deals on your favorite items are a big YES! But let’s be honest, Apple products tend to be a bit pricier than the others. So today we will walk you through the process of buying iPhone 8 for cheaper than the price the most of the people pay for it.

There are multiple ways to buy an iPhone, but we will focus on the eBay auctions. Based on our users’ wins and losses statistics we have calculated what would be an optimal price to buy iPhone 8 on the eBay auctions.

So let’s cut to the chase here. Follow these 3 simple steps to get your desired phone:

(There is a video tutorial at the end of the post)

1) Got to and choose up to five iPhone 8’s in the auctions that you would like to have.

2) Look at the iPhone 8 price graph:


We can see that in the range of $385-400 there are lots of iPhone 8s sold on fixed-price (“Buy It Now”) items (yellow graph’s right high point), but many iPhones are sold on auctions in the price range of $345-350 (almost double quantity compared to the fixed-price items in the same price range) from what we can say that there is a high possibility of getting iPhone 8 on eBay auctions priced at $345-350 (nearly $50 cheaper than fixed-price iPhone sales) so have this price range in mind when choosing max bid (maximum price you wish to pay) for the iPhones in the next step.
The most of the people pay $50 more just to not have to get into auction bid wars or be online during the last seconds of the auctions to make a bid and do it all over again if they lose it.


How to win eBay auction with ease? – We have a perfect solution for it:


3)  Do the following:
– Register on
– Create a group on iSnipe and set “Max won snipes” to 1;
– Copy the link of the auction;
– Paste it in the iSnipe link box;
– Choose the maximum price you are willing to pay for it;
– Add it to your created group;
– Do the same thing for other items;
– Then you just wait for the results, iSnipe will bid during the last seconds of those auctions for you! – As simple as that!

Boom!You just saved yourself precious time and hopefully about $50.


Please watch the tutorial video: