Are you a coin collector? – This is what you need to know.

Tue Feb 12


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If you are a coin collector, eBay and Delcampe auctions might be a big struggle for you. It often happens – you like a coin, get into the auction, but during the last second, somebody just overbids you and you have to start the bidding process all over again…

Well, you’re not doing something right. People who are beating you in auctions are actually using the best-proven strategy for winning online auctionssniping. Sniping is making a bid during the last seconds of the auction, so that other bidders do not have time to react and outbid you. Data shows that sniping increases your chances of winning significantly, to be precise – more than 50%.


But before you start sniping there are other procedures you might want to keep in mind:


  • Evaluate an item and know the maximum price you are willing to pay for it;


  • Try to avoid bid wars and do not overspend. Remember that you are not bidding to beat others, you want to buy an auction with your preferred price.




But, as you would agree it is really hard to be online during the last seconds of every auction. Especially if you are a collector and you are bidding on multiple auctions. That is why we introduce eBay and Delcampe automated auction sniper.  It is an auction auto bidder, which will bid during the last seconds of the auction on your behalf.


It is really simple:

  • Copy the link of the coin auction;
  • Paste it in the iSnipe link box;
  • Choose the maximum price you are willing to pay;
  • Just wait for the result – iSnipe will bid on your behalf during the last seconds of the auction.


Why don’t you give it a try? – first 5 snipes are free!