How to use iSnipe

Tue Dec 11


10 min read

If you’re reading this manual, we believe you already know what snipe is about and how it can help you improve your winning rate on online auctions. If not, check out our article on the matter: What is sniping.


Ok, let’s go on. To begin sniping there are two things you need to do: chose the item you want to buy


decide how much the item is worth for you – the maximal bid you’re willing to place on the item.


Let’s go to eBay and find something to snipe, say an iPhone 6 and go to auctions tab.


Not to lose time let’s click on the very first item on the list and open it.


Now we need to copy the link to the item. You probably have noticed iSnipe button next to the item which is due to our chrome extension but it’s a totally different story which we’re not going to touch in this article. (you can check out the extension here)



After copying the link we need to go to iSnipe and log in (or sign up if you don’t have an account).


After sign in this is the screen you’re going to see:


Let’s paste the link in the link area. The item information will drop down with a couple of fields to fill in. Firs is the max bid – the maximal amount of money you’re willing to pay for the item. By default, the value will be set next winning bid but you should most certainly change it to your max bid. I’m willing to pay $150 for this

iPhone so I’ll input the number in the max bid field.


The second field is lead time – the number of seconds before the end of the auction when we’ll place your bid. Due to possible internet traffic delays, it cannot be less than 5 seconds. We recommend you leave it on 5 sec.


The third one is a group which is set to My Snipes as default. Let’s leave it as it is, you can find out what groups are for on iSnipe and how to use them here.



To actually add the item you need to provide your eBay account by clicking add account button. The pop up will show up for you to fill in the required fields. Let me fill in my account and click add account button. (you can manage your accounts in your profile from the account settings tab).



After providing the account, you can add snipe by clicking the add snipe button:


Now the item is added to my snipes and iSnipe will bid for it at the last moment. You can manage your snipes, change max bid and lead time or even cancel the snipe up to one minute before the end of the auction. That’s it, now I can forget about the iPhone and check if my max bid was enough to win it after the auction ends.