How to buy iPhone for cheap

Tue Dec 11


12 min read

      Here we will be explaining, how to buy iPhone for cheap. First of all, you must have an eBay account, cause we will buy iPhone on eBay, but you can sign up on eBay using facebook, also you’ll be needing the iSnipe account, which also can be signed up using facebook. Have in mind, that this tutorial suits for not only iPhones but also for anything that can be found on eBay auctions. At the end of the article, there is a video tutorial. Before we start let’s talk a little about the idea of this tutorial, so as we know, eBay is an online auction where we can find anything we want, in our case iPhones, but auctions are a tricky thing, they require time and effort to win. Sometimes there is a possibility that some of them are finishing late at night, or several of them ending at the same time making it hard to participate. Despite all the inconvenience, people still do it – 150 million active users to be exact. The reason is simple – you can get items cheaper than retail price, sometimes much much cheaper. so our main goal in this tutorial is to demonstrate how to get the best out of eBay while avoiding all the fuss and dirty work.

Let’s begin:

1. First let’s go to, search for iPhone 5 and switch to auctions, as we already mentioned, you can apply this technique to any other product you want to buy.







2. Choose up to 5 iPhones which you would like to buy (here we choose maximum 5 cause iSnipe gives you 5 free tries, we will see what it means in later steps)

3. After choosing iPhones let’s go to and sign in, if you don’t have an account, you can sign in with google, facebook, eBay, Delcampe, Copart, Meshok or just sing up.

4. There is “Add group” button, click it, a window will appear where you must fill in “name” and the “Max won snipes”, the name is up to you to decide, but we suggest you go ahead and name it “iPhone 5”, let’s put 1 in the “Max won snipes” and click “add”. By doing so, you now created a group where we will put all the iPhones you chose and let iSnipe do the rest. You may have already guessed, but putting 1 in “Max won snipes” tells iSnipe to win only one item from the group. You can customize your groups however you wish.

5. After creating a group, it’s time to put items in it, to do so go to the first iPhone page and copy the URL, now go back and paste this URL in the iSnipe search field (the longest empty field on iSnipe), wait for a little bit, the picture and the description of the iPhone must appear

6. Before we move on, you must add an eBay account for iSnipe to buy iPhone on your behalf, so click “add account” button and sign in with your eBay account.

7. Great, now everything is set, it’s time to decide how much you are willing to pay for the iPhone (have in mind that you have 5 tries to get an iPhone and for each you can choose different price), enter your price in the “Max Bid” field and choose the group below the iPhone picture, in this case, the group will be “iPhone 5” and click “Add snipe” button, so now you have added an item (snipe) in your group.






8. All that is left is to add all the other iPhones to the group, repeat steps 5 and 7 for each one.

Congratulations!!! That’s it.

What now? Wait for auctions to finish, now iSnipe will try to win only one from those 5 iPhones you chose, also it will try to win with minimum price possible, but in case someone decides to pay more than you did for the iPhone, you’ll get an email (if you’ve provided one) and you’ll be able to change your price. After auctions finish, iSnipe would most probably have won an iPhone for you so only thing left to do would be going to eBay and claiming the purchase.

Tips and details:

1. You can complete all the steps above without leaving eBay, sound great right? For this you need iSnipe Chrome extension, go to the link provided below, there will be a video tutorial on how to use it:

2. It would be better if you provide your email, in this way iSnipe will be able to notify you. (To add an email go to Account -> Account Info -> Notifications)

3. In case of any question contact iSnipe support team, they’ll gladly help you.

4. iSnipe will always try to win an auction with minimum price possible, so for example if you are willing to pay 10$ for an item and it can be won for 5$ iSnipe will get it for 5$.

Video tutorial: