How to win a bid on eBay

Wed Nov 28


5 min read


  • Chose the maximal amount of money you’re willing to pay for the item.
  • Avoid bid wars – remember, winning an auction doesn’t mean beating other bidders, it means getting the item for a price that’s convenient for you.
  • Don’t show yourself and place a bid once, at the very end of the auction, as late as possible in fact.

The first step for successful bidding is item evaluation. Study the item and decide on the maximal amount of mine you’re willing to spend on the item.


Try to avoid bid wars. It pumps up the item price and is profitable only for the seller and sometimes it might be the seller engaging with you in the bid wars. Remember that you’re not bidding to obtain a victory over other bidders. You’re bidding to get the desired item for the desired prices.


As many statistician and economists confirmed, the best strategy for the online auctions is sniping – bidding only once at the very end of the auction. (read our article to see what’s sniping is about in more detail). The approach is simple – don’t show yourself until the very end of the auction and then place your maximal bid as there’s almost no time left for others to react. Don’t worry about overspending – eBay will automatically bid minimal winning amount and increase it if anybody manages to react and overbid you in time.

But there are some problems – it’s not that easy to perform the last part of the process as it sounds. Auctions end at different times and you won’t always be able to be online when that happens. That’s where we come in (not to talk about group bidding and other great features you can learn about in other articles). You won’t have to make time for last minute bids to successfully win items for cheap. The only thing you need to do is to provide item link, your max bid 9maximal amount of money you’re willing to spend on the item ) and your eBay account. We will bid on the item at the very last moment of the auction on your behalf and the process is automated – thus more efficient and dependable. You can try out our services without any payment using 5 free snipes we provide as you register.