frequently asked questions

What is sniping?

Sniping is submitting your bid just a few seconds before the auction ends. This way other bidders have no time to outbid you. Auction sniper on does that for you!

Why should I use sniping?

When using sniping, bidders don’t have time to raise their maximum bid and outbid you. This increases your chances of winning the item.

What does iSnipe do?

iSnipe automatizes auction sniping for you. iSnipe will place bids for you in the closing seconds of an auction, which dramatically increases your chances of winning. It is simple! – you choose the item and we do the rest for you!

How much does iSnipe’s services cost?




Item Amount Fee
Auction won that ended at $20 USD or less $0.25
Auction won that ended between

$21.00 and $1000.00 USD

1.2% of final price
Auction won that ended at $1000 USD or more $11.75



Why does iSnipe require account username and password of the website on which the auction is on?

iSnipe acts as your bidding agent and bids fully on your behalf. For you to win the item on auction it has to be your account to place the final bid. This is why iSnipe needs an access to your account.

What does iSnipe do with my personal information?

iSnipe will never give out your personal information. Please read our Privacy Policy

How do I pay my bill?
  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on “Account” button on the top right side of the page.
  3. Click on “Account Info”.
  4. Click on “Balance” button.

If you are paying with PayPal:
Fill in the amount you want to add to your account in the “Add Balance” section and click on “PayPal Checkout” button.

If you are paying with digital currency:
Choose your prefered crypto currency (Bitcoin, Etherium) in “Crypto Payment” section. Fill in the amount you want to add to your balance and click on “Pay with bitcoin” or “Pay with Etherium”

What happens if the two iSnipe users bid on the same time on the same item?

iSnipe gives everyone an equal chances of winning. In this case, user with the highest maximum bid will win.

Can I bid on non-U.S. currency auctions?

Yes. iSnipe’s auction sniper will snipe in the currency of the auction.

Do I have to leave my computer on for iSnipe to place a bid?

No. Since we use our servers for sniping, your computer doesn’t need to be on. It’s simple – you tell us what item you want, what’s your maximum bid and we will do the rest for you!

Do you offer group bidding?

Yes. You can combine several bids in one group and select how many of them you want to win.
For example: If you made a group of 6 items and you want to win 2, after winning both of them, iSnipe will automatically cancel the remaining ones.

Please keep in mind not to choose items that have end times within 2 minutes of each other.

Otherwise, you might win all of them.

Can I change my bid after I enter it in iSnipe?

Yes, just click the “Edit” button next to your bid section and change the amount you are willing to pay for the item, then click “save” and you’re all set!

Note that all edits must be made at least 2 minutes before your bidding time (Bidding timing depends on your choice of Lead Time).

If I enter my maximum bid in iSnipe, will I have to pay that amount if I win?

Not necessarily. You tell us the maximum amount you are willing to pay and we bid it, but then auction’s proxy bidding system comes into the game. If you win, you will have to pay amount of second-highest bid + up to one increment, which in many cases is way less than you were willing to pay.

But please keep in mind, that sometimes you might win at the price that you chose as your maximum bid. In this case, you will have to pay that amount. So our friendly advice would be to always bid as much as you can actually pay.

How can I support iSnipe?

If you own a relevant website, you can link your website to
If you are a regular user, you can write a review about iSnipe on third-party forums. But please don’t forget to link in the review. This will help us improve our search rating.

What is the best bidding strategy?

The best bidding strategy is to place a bid at least 5 seconds before the auction ends. This way other bidders don’t have a time to outbid you. That’s what we do for you! Just tell iSnipe how much you are willing to pay and we will do the rest!

Do you guarantee my bid will win?

We guarantee you that we will use the best bidding strategy to get you a win. No software guarantees 100% success on today’s market.

The reason for this is your maximum bid. If other bidder is willing to pay more money than you are, they will win.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with iSnipe?

Please view page Contact.