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Supported Auctions

Win items on the online auctions with comfort

Make your online auction experience better with iSnipe

Register on iSnipe, link the item you want to win and let our system take care of it. We will wait till the very end of the auction to place your bid. You will not have to worry about bid wars or being online to bid on items. The process is fully automated making it much more efficient with fewer chances of missing anything.

  • Make it easy to bid at the last moment of the auction.
  • Fully automated bidding process providing higher reliability.
  • No need to be online when the auction ends.
  • Free trial with five free snipes to kick you off

Start using Google Chrome Extension


Start using our google chrome extension and you won't have to leave the auction site when snipping. All you need to do is to install our extension and go on with browsing on auction sites. When you find an item you are interested in just click the iSnipe button on the item or our logo on the top right corner of the chrome menu and add snipes to your iSnipe account without leaving the auction site. For more information see 'how it works' section on iSnipe or visit our extension page.

Built for all your needs

iSnipe can help you do it all - whether you are a casual bidder on eBay or a company buying hundreds of cars every month from Copart you can find tools built to make your activities easier and much more productive.


Increase your buying capacity and give your clients better visibility and control. By using iSnipe you will never have to be there for a car auction waiting for your desired cars to go on a live sale. Just link the item and let our system take care of it with an automated live bidding system for Copart. Choose your bidding strategy and a maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item with the ability to change all of that in real time while the car is on live bidding already.

  • Ability to give your clients a bit of a power on the cars you're buying for them.
  • Opportunity to increase the volume of your operation with no dependence on human resources for live bidding.
  • Use our group bidding functionality to bid on multiple items, so that if somebody outbids you on one item system will move on to the next one until the desired number of cars are won in the group.

Normal auctions

Shop on online auctions with comfort. Don't lose time being online for the end of the auction or on unnecessary bidding wars. Snipe auction items with minimal effort with an online snipping tool designed for your comfort. Snipe items on multiple auction sites from one place. Use our group bidding option - add desired items in a group, select max bid and lead time for each of them and set how many of them you would like to win. Our system will attempt to win listed items one by one and will stop if the set number of items are won in the group.

  • Let our automated auction bidding system bid for you.
  • Shop on the online auctions more efficiently by using our group bidding functionality.
  • Increase your chances of winning items on the online auctions while minimizing the final price.

Know what you pay for

why sniping online auctions is a good approach?

Increase your chance of winning an item by over 50%

Don't give your competition a chance to overbid

Avoid unnecessary bidding wars

Increase your chances of winning an item with a lower final bid

No need to be online to bid on auction items

Bid for items on multiple auction sites from one place

Automated bidding system - higher reliability

Ability to cancel your snipes

Customizable group bidding across multiple auctions sites

Alerts to keep you informed if loosing an auction